How Much Does It Cost to Move a Safe?

There are several factors that go into calculating the cost to move a safe.
The pricing for moving a safe range from $250 to $550
Prices are based on the following:
Weight and dimensions of your safe
Distance to where it is to be picked up and delivered
Where your safe will be placed in your home
Complexity of the move, such as over grass, steps, etc…

Information Needed to Schedule Your Safe Move

Safe move date with as much advance notice as possible. ( Minimum 3 days)
Any steps other than the entrance threshold
We can go up couple of steps, but not a flight of stairs (based on safe size)
For condos and apartments, access to elevator and size
You need to provide as much information as possible for a smooth move.

What Does Safe Moving Include?

Up to three delivery people
Specialized moving equipment
Removing a door

The cost to move a safe is a smart investment to protect your safe and for your safety

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