Delivery includes:

  • In home/business ground floor delivery
  • No more than 3 steps entering into the house
  • There must be a flat level concrete pathway leading into home or business,
  • If not, plywood can be provided at an additional charge
  • We will show you how to operate the lock and verify its operation
  • We will remove safe from shipping pallet and box along with disposing of all shipping material
  • The Safe will be placed and leveled
  • Delivery out of the area is available at an additional charge



Customers should find the best location for their safe prior to delivery.

You MUST notify Buck’s Gun Rack if there are any special requirements for your safe delivery.



Volusia & Flagler County

Buck’s Gun Rack is happy to help you relocate a safe of any size!  A safe can be difficult to move on your own without the proper equipment.  We offer safe moving for any safe up to 1500 lbs, no matter what brand or where it was purchased.  If you need your safe moved to a different location or transferred to a different spot in your home or business, avoid the hassle of trying to move it yourself and call Buck’s! Plus, if you bought a safe locally or on-line from a store that does not offer any sort of delivery service, don’t worry! arrangements can be made with us for delivery of your new safe.  Our team has the equipment and experience to ensure that both the safe and your house aren’t damaged along the way. Let Buck’s Gun Rack to do it for you!







We offer bolt down service for all safes.  Although most safes are secure by the sheer size and weight, bolting the safe down provides additional stability and security against theft.  The safe can be bolted down whether on carpet, tile or on concrete.  If the safe ever needs to be moved the bolts are not permanent and can be removed leaving only small holes in the flooring.

The bolt down cost is $50.



Buck’s Gun Rack is in the safe business, we purchase used safes all the time.  If the safe is of value to us, we are willing to purchase it.  The price we are willing to pay for it is based on several factors: Brand, Model and Condition.  In addition, the cost to remove the safe from its location and transport it back to our facility